Incentive/Bounty Program


In the incentive/bounty program, 1.25 billion or 25% of all circulated tokens are earmarked to be given away. The majority of that figure will be to drive adoption through the platform via the OnXCHNG Partner Program. Kochava Labs will issue tokens to these industry players for entering partnership agreements, testnet participation, and publisher referral programs. For example, from the start, publishers have been targeted to create supply within XCHNG. We anticipate that the more publishers and inventory available within XCHNG, the more likely it is that demand will follow. Some might say this is a little backwards because demand drives supply. In most cases, yes, but with Kochava’s deep bench of top-tier clients, XCHNG already has the partnerships and relationships at its fingertips to drive demand. This is anticipated to drive adoption and prime the market to initiate test buys, sales, and overall participation within the ecosystem, once it is launched.

In addition to the market incentive distribution, 0.6% or an estimated $150,000 will be rewarded to participants within the “Proof of Share” referral campaign. Participants can earn up to an estimated $10 in XCHNG tokens, each referral is worth an estimated $0.10. On top of general referral rewards, there are three top prizes based on total amount of referrals. The participant with the most unique referrals will receive a total of an estimated $200, the second highest unique referrals, estimated $125; and the third highest with unique referrals, estimated $75. These prizes will all be paid in XCHNG Tokens and rewards will be issued during a Token Generation Event when the platform launches (anticipated late 2018).

Translation bounties are also being offered (estimated $20) for Bitcointalk forums, which will be in the following languages: Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Each accurate and verified translation by Amazix, the XCHNG community agency, will be paid out in the same regard (during a platform launch). Other community-driven activities for earning bounties that provide value to the project are welcomed!

To participate within the Bounty POS model, click here.

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