Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is XCHNG?

The Digital Advertising Blockchain. XCHNG is an open-source software project leveraging the power of blockchain to drive efficiency and transparency in the digital advertising ecosystem. Built by Kochava, the global leader in digital advertising measurement and attribution, XCHNG establishes a common set of rails available to the entire advertising community.

What is the XCHNG core value proposition?

Reduce Intermediaries, increase efficiency and transparency. XCHNG dramatically reduces the need for third party intermediation in digital advertising. Whether advertisers, publishers, or other industry players, all parties stand to benefit from a more transparent, efficient marketplace. Advertisers in particular, frustrated with today’s cumbersome and wasteful system, are demanding that the industry move in this direction. XCHNG secures and standardizes the process of buying and selling digital advertising through decentralization, removing reliance upon a central monopoly. The system, by definition is designed to be trustworthy. It facilitates the workflow of buying and selling ads through a smart contract IO, enables the related targeting and activation of audiences, and bolsters ad-spend efficiency and security. It will usher in a next-generation advertising system of record for all participants, and it will create an opportunity to tokenize the framework to treat digital ads as a true asset class.

Who is Kochava?

Global Leader in Digital Advertising Measurement & Attribution. Founded in 2011, Kochava is the leader in digital advertising measurement and attribution. Today, Kochava provides measurement for over $6 billion in ad spend annually, for major enterprise brands across industry verticals. The company is independent and already has all the touchpoints of supply and demand throughout the ecosystem. Kochava also has the largest independent data marketplace in the Kochava Collective, on a scale comparable with the biggest players in the field. Finally, while XCHNG is architected as an open framework for third-party verification, Kochava is uniquely positioned to offer the industry-leading measurement right out of the box.

What is the relationship between XCHNG and Kochava?

Created for Independence. XCHNG is an independent framework, built by the team at Kochava, the global leader in digital advertising measurement and attribution technology. Similar to other members of the digital advertising community, Kochava is contributing leadership, development expertise, and data to XCHNG.

How far along is XCHNG’s technology?

XCHNG leverages the significant product development previously completed by Kochava. For a more detailed timeline, please see the XCHNG white paper.

How will XCHNG ensure transparency and efficiency for all its participants?

The Smart Contract IO. Blockchain is, first and foremost, a technology of trust and transparency. It is for this reason that it is being applied to so many different industries, disrupting the status quo and decentralizing processes so that all participants are on an even playing field and can trust the related transactions. One of the major concerns in digital advertising is the lack of consistency and reliability of the Insertion Order process. Blockchain-based smart contracts significantly improve the efficiency and reliability of buying and selling ads. The XCHNG framework is open source and offers opportunity for third-party verification and unprecedented transparency, something that is very lacking in the current advertising ecosystem.

Will XCHNG utilize a token as the means of transacting business on its framework?

XCHNG Token. Yes, details regarding the XCHNG Token SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) will be available soon.

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