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OnXCHNG™ Partner Program

Digital advertising has reached a boiling point similar to other industries that have been overhauled in order to remain viable. From a single ad unit on HotWired in 1994 the industry has grown to $74B in the U.S. today ($220B world wide) with a vast and confusing landscape of vendors, who are further splintered by value proposition. Digital advertising transactions are inefficient, unsecured, and subject to excessive fraud.

Advertisers are demanding a better process. XCHNG™ offers a vastly improved technological approach that enables IOs to be transacted via a crypto-verified distributed ledger. This unifying and open blockchain-based approach enables all parties in the workflow of the IO to transact together, directly. These actions start with discovery and negotiation and move through the lifecycle of execution, verification, payment and participant ratings.

While there have been several efforts to unify blockchain technology and digital ads, none have addressed the end-to-end nature and none have been developed by a company with the reach and experience that Kochava already has in the industry.

Join us in revolutionizing the ad industry for good; become an OnXCHNG™ Partner

Benefits to our Partners:

  • Early access to XCHNG™ architecture and roadmap plans
  • Participation in roadmap direction
  • Early access to XCHNG™ code-base
  • Token generation from genesis block for participation (allocation TBD)
  • Token mining for partners that introduce inventory (allocation TBD)

XCHNG™ Partners

Ad Inventory Supply Partners

Supply partners will integrate with the XCHNG™ platform to allow their inventory to be filled and monetized by the buy/demand participants.

Data Enrichment Providers

The data enrichment provider will support granular targeting capabilities for buyers (advertisers) purchasing media. The provider will give the buyer the ability to create audience segmentation, current user lookalikes, etc. for a higher return on media investment.

Payment Providers

Payment providers will be critical to support payment for agreed and executed smart contracts insertion orders. The optional service will be required to conform to the payment terms outlined in the smart contract. Payment providers will release funds based on milestone release points outlined in the terms between the buyer and seller and based on measurement provider confirmation of delivering on a smart contract insertion order.

Measurement Providers

Measurement providers will validate a contract between the buyer and seller given the context of the terms. Within the digital advertising context, a measurement provider must support the terms outlined programmatically in the agreement (such as pacing, day parting, or frequency capping of ad impressions).

Technology Platform

Technology Platform partners will provide value in various ways through thought leadership, adoption, and demand.